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    Strategic Workforce Planning Program

    HCMS in partnership with Alex Hagan provide strategic workforce planning programs for HR Directors, HR Manager, HR Advisors, Recruitment Managers, Workforce Planning Managers and Talent Managers to develop and execute best practice strategic workforce planning initiatives and insights to assist organisations to save millions of dollars.

    Organisations are reporting that they see the link between Strategic Workforce Planning and profitability; yet at the same time reporting that they don't know how to start a Strategic Workforce Planning program in their own organisation. This course equips participants with the framework and tools to begin a best practise Strategic Workforce Planning initiative in their organisation.

    Large corporate organisations who implement Strategic Workforce Planning have improved productivity and optimised their workforces, Government and Not-For-Profit organisations can do more with less and will improve service. This is where HR can contribute in a very tangible way to the bottom line of an organisation. - research has shown that organisations using best-practise Strategic Workforce Planning have higher revenue, and higher profit margins. Executives are demanding that for HR to earn a seat at the table, they need to be able to contribute to strategy in a meaningful way - Strategic Workforce Planning provides the framework for doing this.

    Places in the workshop are strictly limited to ensure a high-quality and collaborative learning environment. Attendees will get both a pre-workshop and a post-workshop consult with the trainer, and practical initiatives and exercises that they can take back to their own organisation. Before, during, and after the workshop, we tailor the content and advice to the needs and challenges of the participants.

    What You Will Learn

    Outlined below are the learning outcomes and benefits of attending the Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop. 

    • Background to Strategic Workforce Planning - This section will provide an introduction to the discipline of Strategic Workforce Planning, its’ benefits, Case Studies of organisations who have used it successfully to align their workforce and business strategies, and the lessons they learned through the process.

    • Environment Scanning - This section will demonstrate tactics and techniques for identifying the internal and external factors which will impact the workforce now and into the future.

    • Scenario Development - Scenario Development takes participants through the process of exploring a range of possible futures, the challenges that they may introduce for their organisations, and practical ways.

    • Workforce Analytics & Data Visualisation - Workforce Analytics & Data Visualisation takes participants through some of the tools and techniques that can be used to uncover actionable insights about what’s really happening inside their organisations; common pitfalls in Workforce Analytics; and innovative and useful ways to present the data.

    • Engaging the Business & Strategy Execution - A strategy that never gets implemented is only as valuable as the paper it’s written on. This section will discuss some of the ways in which participants can engage the business in the process; and steer the strategy through the execution stage.

    • Getting Started with Strategic Workforce Planning - This section equips participants with knowledge on how to start their workforce planning journeys in their own organisations.


    Return on Investment (ROI)

    The cost of the training is $1750 per attendee (with discounts for multiple bookings from the same organisation). Your workforce planning initiatives and insights may save your organisation millions - research has shown that organisations with best practise Strategic Workforce Planning have profit margins 50% higher than organisations without.


    Who Should Attend

    >  HR Directors                                       >  HR Managers
    >  HR
    Advisors                                       >  Recruitment Managers
    >  Workforce Planning Managers           
    > Talent Manager

    Program Format & Materials Provided

    Duration: 2 Day Program/Workshop

    Environment: Classroom Setup

    Our Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop is interactive and presented in a relaxed learning environment. We use a variety of teaching tools including real life scenarios and case studies, individual exercises, and group discussions. Participants receive a concise program workbook where they can add notes and tips shared throughout the program, and provides techniques and exercises that participants can apply in their own organisation.



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    Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop Trainer

    Alex Hagan is the Founder and CEO at Kienco, a boutique management consultancy specialising in Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics. Alex has worked with some of the world’s largest companies (according to Fortune Magazine), some of the world’s best companies to work for (Fortune again), NGOs, and Governments around the world on preparing for their best possible future workforce.

    Alex is a globally sought-after expert in the true sense of the term – living in Melbourne, he serves as Adjunct Faculty at the Conference Board’s Strategic Workforce Planning Academies in New York and Brussels, and was a speaker at the Australasian Talent Conference in 2013. Earlier this year, Alex was quoted in BRW Magazine alongside Human Capital visionaries Josh Bersin and Thomas H. Davenport in the article “Super Crunched: How Bosses Turn you into Code”.

    Alex’s field of expertise, Strategic Workforce Planning, is one of the top 3 most needed but least understood skills in Human Resources today with potential to increase profit margins by 50% (Boston Consulting Group), and is a key performance driver for successful organisations (Project Management Institute).

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alexhagan   


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