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    Sourcing MasterClass - New Zealand


    The ability for recruitment teams to source and engage the best and brightest candidates “in the market” quickly has never been more critical to organisations than now.

    Sourcing the best candidates “in the market” has become a specialised role and a key component in being able to strategically develop and execute a powerful sourcing strategy that can identify your sourcing sweet spot and engage these candidates for current and future roles.

    Insidejob's Sourcing MasterClass delivers innovative and flexible sourcing capability that will fast track your recruitment teams by significantly enhancing their skills to develop and execute Advanced Internet Sourcing tactics for your critical and scarce skills enabling Internet Sourcing as a reliable sourcing channel you can include in your toolkit.

    Apply the latest Sourcing of professional and social media tactics as part of your sourcing strategy to uncover hidden candidates you didn't think existed will provide your organisation and hiring managers with access to a greater pool of high quality candidates for their critical roles.

    What You Will Learn

    Outlined below are the learning outcomes and benefits of attending the Sourcing MasterClass Workshop. 

    Key in delivery is making the Sourcing MasterClass workshop very practical for all participants by taking real life examples to create a forum for learning and developing recruitment skills.


    Who Should Attend

    >  Recruitment Managers                                                 >  Senior Recruitment Consultants
    >  Talent Sourcing/Acquisition Consultants                      >  Recruitment Consultants
    >  Research Consultants                                                  >  Resource Consultants
    >  HR Managers                                                               >  HR Advisors 

    Program Format & Materials Provided

    Duration: 1 Day

    Environment: Computer Lab

    Our Sourcing MasterClass Workshop is interactive and presented in a relaxed learning environment. We use a variety of teaching tools including real life work scenarios, individual exercises and team simulations. In each exercise participants are encouraged to practice their new Advanced Internet Sourcing skills.

    Participants receive a concise program workbook where they can add notes and tips shared on the program summarising the latest Internet Sourcing techniques and developments, together with Quick Reference Guides, Strategy Starters, Sourcing Toolbar and Sourcing Templates developed to support their learning and apply when back at their place of work.


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    Our Trainers

    For details on our Trainers, click here.

    For further details, please call Insidejob on +61 3 8621 6666 or click 
    here to view our current program schedule for Sourcing MasterClass.

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