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    Please see below for testimonials from Insidejob's previous participants from various organisations.

    Essential Sourcing & Talent Pooling Program

    Feedback from attendees:

    "Being able to gain insight into how other companies manage their recruitment. I enjoyed learning about sourcing candidates from the Internet which is something I've never know about"

    "Eliciting the value proposition was a real eye opener for me"

    "Learned so much more about Linkedin and other sourcing techniques"

    "The course really reinforced what is critical as internal recruiters"

    "I really learnt how to approach and engaging with passive candidates in building your talent pools'

    "I learnt the importance building strong relationships based on trust and commitment will all key stakeholders"

    "The roles plays and scenario were fantastic in providing the opportunity to apply the new learnings"

    "The consultative inclusive nature of the Insidejob format was the most beneficial part of the course"

    "I learnt a lot and will be able to utilise the information back in the workplace"

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