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    Please see below for testimonials from Insidejob's previous participants from various organisations.

    Sourcing MasterClass Workshop

    Feedback from attendees:

    Steve Alais, Prinicpal, Verasity
    "I went into Advanced Internet Sourcing run by InsideJob with an open mind, but was blown away when I finished the course. Martin delivered a training session that was above and beyond the call of duty, and then post-course has been happy to answer my follow up questions. I am uncovering talent I didn't know existed using the tools and techniques I learnt in this course, which is giving me a competitive edge."

    Emily Austin, Strategic Sourcing Manager, American Express
    "The Advanced Internet Sourcing course was excellent! It was engaging with relevant content that revealed some great sourcing techniques to help us refine our competitive edge. It has certainly uncovered more hidden pathways to great quality candidates and really enhanced our ability in this area. I thoroughly recommend this course as high quality training that is easy to follow and will ensure you and your team delivers results. Thank you!"

    Katia Ventura, Recruitment Consultant, Ericsson
    "I found Insidejob’s Advanced Internet Sourcing” to deliver the most current methods for sourcing using social media. It truly demonstrates how to connect with high quality passive talent in today’s market efficiently and with limited resources. Martin’s delivery was interactive and motivating and provided us with practical knowledge of how to approach sourcing and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Having employed Martin’s teachings on a daily basis, I can testify to an increase in the quality of my talent pools and reduction in time-to-fill niche roles. Thank you Insidejob for helping me to stay ahead of the game with your leading edge techniques."

    Fiona Parker, Recruitment Manager, On-site & Search 
    "As a Recruitment Manager, you're constantly thinking about the ever changing recruitment market, your brand strategy and how to attract the best talent. Learning how to adapt to the market and the way you build your brand and recruit, it key to staying ahead. I have attended Insidejobs, "Advanced Internet Sourcing" course, twice over the past 2 years and have found it to be the most up to date in terms of the latest methods & trends for sourcing using social media. Martin Warren is a industry leader in training programs for Social Media Sourcing, he's engaging and the information is relevant.

    The course teaches you in an interactive way to utilise technology to streamline processes, re-aligns your EVP to current market conditions and teaches you to build strategies to connect with top talent quickly.

    I highly recommend this course, the industry is changing quickly, as is sourcing techniques and Insidejob have built a program around this to keep us all progressing along... Thanks again!!"

    Matt Sullivan, Recruitment Consultant - Engineering & Maintenance, Scotford & Fennessy 
    "Thanks very much for your time on the course yesterday. I have already used the searching techniques to find some quality passive candidates. You were very engaging and I would certainly recommend the course to anyone in recruitment."

    Trudi Micallef, Resourcer, Morgan Consulting
    "I just wanted to thank you again for your informative and interactive session. I have not stopped using the information to search some of our more niche roles. Karla has already rolled some pointers out to the rest of the team and they are now all on board!"

    Keep up the great work!

    Kelly Edmunds, Recruitment Manager - Asia Pacific, URS Australia 

    "Earlier this year [2010] Martin provided invaluable training to our in-house recruitment team. All of the participants were experienced recruiters however every single one of them learnt several new skills/techniques to uncover hidden talent in the passive marketplace.

    In an industry as competitive as ours, with limited resources actively looking at any given time, we need to ensure that we as a team are employing the latest methods to identify talent. The training that Martin conducted gave us that and we have seen positive results as an outcome.

    I would not hesitate to recommend the advanced sourcing to others as an essential element of their recruiter's training."

    Jody Elliott, Manager Recruitment, BHP Billiton Nickel West

    "As a mature and well established in-house recruitment function, the training provided by Martin and David from Insidejob further challenged and improved our thinking, team skills and processes.

    Specifically, the training in Sourcing Tactics is extremely valuable and highly recommended. Clearly, Martin is an expert in this area and has much to teach. We've been able to incorporate the tactics into our approach and now regularly use internet searches when sourcing hard-to-fill roles".

    Kim Nicholson, Recruitment Manager, ING Direct
    "In line with our focus to further develop a proactive and strategic internal recruitment environment, we were looking for the best way to implement the next level of sophistication in our approach.

    After considering the options with Insidejob's Recruitment Training, we were able to tailor a great solution to specifically meet our needs. Martin provided us with a very hands on and interactive approach, which challenged all our traditional methods, thinking and processes!

    The team have themselves developed new skills but also some fantastic new sourcing techniques, which we believe will provide us a long term competitive advantage.

    Many thanks for helping us reach the next milestone in our journey."

    Bevan White, Recruitment Operations Manager , Sinclair Knight Merz
    "As part of our annual conference where we bring our Australasian Recruitment Team together, we invited Insidejob Recruitment Training to bring an innovative insight to Sourcing Tactics and Talent Pooling.

    Their training sessions enlightened our recruiters and demonstrated in a powerful way, how we can use strategy starters and search plans to connect with our top candidates within a matter of minutes. Insidejob provided our recruiters with comprehensive quick reference guides and a sourcing map for advanced searching techniques across all major search engines, as well as professional and social networks.

    The trainers demonstrated in a practical manner how we could apply these techniques to our day to day processes and secondly, approach and engage these passive candidates, with the aim of these candidates ultimately joining our talent pool.

    Insidejob Recruitment Training was very interactive and its presenters created a relaxed learning environment with real life work situations, coupled with practical applications of the skills learned through individual and team exercises and various role plays.

    I would highly recommend the Insidejob program, as it has provided our internal recruitment team with alternative sourcing methods and a competitive advantage."
    "In valuable tools to add to your sourcing strategies that will greatly impact on the results of internal recruitment teams in filling roles and build future capability"

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