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    Public Program

    Insidejob continue to developed and deliver extensive recruitment training programs specifically targeted at the needs of Internal Recruitment teams which will enable them to proactively deliver consistent results providing organisations with a competitive advantage in winning the talent war.

    Insidejob have delivered these programs to 1,200+ recruiters in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other regions of Asia.

    Who Should Attend

    Insidejob Recruitment Training recommend that all Recruitment Staff attend the Public programs based on the premise that all modules contain group exercises, discussions and scenarios which all attendees will benefit from.

    The list below highlights who should attend:
    >  Recruitment Managers
    >  Talent Sourcing/Acquisition
    >  Research Consultants
    >  HR Managers
    >  Corporate Brand Managers
    >  Corporate Communication Managers                            
    > Senior Recruitment Consultants
    >  Recruitment Consultants
    >  Resource Consultants
    >  HR Advisors
    >  Corporate Brand Advisors
    >  Corporate Communication Advisors

    Duration of Recruitment Programs

    Public training programs are run for a duration of 1 day (8:30am - 5:00pm) unless stated otherwise. LinkedIn for Sales Staff programs are half day programs with an option of a morning or afternoon session. All public training programs are conducted offsite at a selected training facility.

    For more information on Insidejob's current Public Recruitment Training Programs, please click 
    here or contact +61 3 8621 6666.


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