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    Martin Warren

    Principal Consultant, HCMS/Insidejob

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    Having worked extensively within the recruitment industry for over 15 years, Martin's extensive leadership and knowledge places him at the head of the proactive recruitment industry in the use of Web 2.0 technology to develop and execute strategic sourcing maps and tactics applying various channels and tools including search engines, professional and social networks, to identify, engage and build relationships with passive talent to build qualified talent communities of critical skills.

    Having used these techniques for some years now and constantly refining his skills, Martin is at the forefront in applying this to his work as a Principal Consultant at HCMS and Recruitment Trainer at Insidejob. Specialising in strategic sourcing and building critical talent communities, Martin has significant practical experience consulting to many internal recruitment functions and trained in excess of 1200 recruiters in Australia, New Zealand & Asia.

    Martin has presented at various conferences having delivered master class workshops including the Australasian Talent Management, Social Media and Sourcing Conferences and has presented at many other industry events.


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