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    Please see below for testimonials from Insidejob's previous participants from various organisations.

    LinkedIn MasterClass Workshop

    Feedback from attendee:

    Adeline Ong, Manager, Recruitment Unit, University of Wollongong
    "I found this LinkedIn training highly beneficial in a couple of areas. Not only were we shown how to best utilise this growing medium as Recruiters but Martin also provided us with some fundamental search strategies and plans. In addition, we were also challenged to be more creative in our search parameters and approaches. An interactive and enjoyable day."

    Tony Brenan, Recruitment Specialist, Snowy Hydro
    "I recently attended the 1 day LinkedIn training run by Martin. The course provided relevant and timely information and hints on how to get the best out of LinkedIn. I know this will be very useful for us, particularly the work on creating sourcing maps for business critical and hard to fill roles. In addition, we had a good mix of people at the course and Martin ensured that our needs were met - Thanks Martin."

    Zita Smith, Recruiter, Hatch Australia
    "I have done 2 of the day courses through Insidejob and would highly reccommend it. Martin is an excellent trainer and the LinkedIn course is a great overview on all the capabilities of LinkedIn for users. I especially enjoy the Sourcing strategies which is a must for anyone in both External and Internal Recruitment/HR."

    Clare Lynn Monk, HR Manager, REST Superannuation
    "The course was very comprehensive, and linked through to strategy which I felt very beneficial. Other topics discussed such as demographic analysis, risk, governance, and policy formulation and implementation will assist me to build a business case and implementation of social media for recruitment into the organisation."

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