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    Capability Services 

    Insidejob has developed a benchmarking and assessment service that is based off a competency framework to define the knowledge, skills and behaviours of high performing internal recruitment staff. It is used to assist organisations' staff to develop and structure their Internal Recruitment Centre.

    Insidejob have developed a full competency profile for 6 key job families within internal career functions. These include:

    • Careers Centre Manager
    • Service Delivery Manager (also known as Recruitment Manager)
    • Planned Recruiter (also known as Talent Acquisition Manager)
    • Senior Recruitment Consultant
    • Recruitment Consultant
    • Recruitment Co-ordinator (also known as Recruitment Administrator)

    The competency framework was developed through an analysis of key success factors for internal recruitment functions, and can assist in assessing recruitment teams in the following ways:

    Application of the Capability Assessment

    • Performance Management - Assist with performance management framework and training for new and existing staff
    • Screening & Selection - Assist with the screening and selection process of new candidates and identify development needs and programs for existing staff members
    • Career Path - Assist in developing a career path for new and existing staff
    • Role Profiling - The competency framework can be incorporated into the organisation's position descriptions and recruitment templates to ensure a consistent approach.

    Insidejob can provide a framework and templates to assess client's current Internal Recruiter's capabilities for them to undertake future positions. This can also assist the recruiters in providing an understanding of their development needs so that they can continue to grow their careers.

    Benefits of Capability Assessment

    Conducting the capability assessment with internal recruitment teams have the following benefits:  

    • Objectivity and unbiased assessment
    • Using a set methodology and expertise in delivery
    • Using robust and valid survey instruments
    • Based on a tried and tested competency framework
    • Facilitated by an experienced team and subject matter experts, including Corporate Psychologists

    Capability Assessment Career Development & Succession Planning Philosophy

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