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    Alex Hagan

    CEO & Founder, Kienco, Strategic Workforce Planning

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    Alex is the Founder and CEO at Kienco, a boutique management consultancy specialising in Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics. Alex has worked with some of the world’s largest companies (according to Fortune Magazine), some of the world’s best companies to work for (Fortune again), NGOs, and Governments around the world on preparing for their best possible future workforce.

    Alex is a globally sought-after expert in the true sense of the term – living in Melbourne, he serves as Adjunct Faculty at the Conference Board’s Strategic Workforce Planning Academies in New York and Brussels, and was a speaker at the Australasian Talent Conference in 2013. Earlier this year, Alex was quoted in BRW Magazine alongside Human Capital visionaries Josh Bersin and Thomas H. Davenport in the article “Super Crunched: How Bosses Turn you into Code”.

    Alex’s field of expertise, Strategic Workforce Planning, is one of the top 3 most needed but least understood skills in Human Resources today with potential to increase profit margins by 50% (Boston Consulting Group), and is a key performance driver for successful organisations (Project Management Institute).

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