Your Sourcing Strategy in a Visual Mind Map

On our Advanced Internet Sourcing Program we have talked about and demonstrated how you can build a compelling Sourcing Map/Strategy within a Mind Map that perpetually grows as you become more aware and gain greater in-depth knowledge of your market.

This is a powerful way to visualise your market with your hiring managers and team and will achieve significant buy in from stakeholders to build a strategic sourcing approach for your critical skills.

Building a visual Mind Map of your Sourcing Strategy will give you:

  • Real-time intelligences of your targeted market that you can perpetually grow
  • Competitive information for current & future business needs
  • Confidence you have covered the market and/or identified the gaps
  • Greater creditability and influence with hiring managers & candidates
  • A snapshot of what the future may look like

The 2 software packages I recommended were Mindjet Mind Manager and Mind Meister:

Mindjet Mind Manager - which is PC based and quite expensive, the Rolls Royce Mind Mapping software.

Mind Meister (www.mindmeister.com) - which is Web Based, free and has good functionality to get you started.

There is now another Web based Mind Mapping software I recommend you look at:

Mindjet Connect - Mindjet have now released a Web version of their Mind Manager product called Mindjet Connect, I really like it. Has great functionality much more than Mind Meister but not quite as much as Mind Manager.

Additionally another great function allows you to share your Mind Maps with other Mindjet Connect users. You also can import most mind maps (.mmap files) and export with the free user.

And it's FREE!

On the down side you can only have 2 Mind Maps whereas with Mind Meister you can have 3 Mind Maps with the free user.

If you want to try Mindjet Connect go to https://connect.mindjet.com  
1.  Sign Up as a New User
2.  Import the Mind Map I sent you
3.  You should now be Live to use Mindjet Connect

Good Luck!

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