Using Social Web to target Top Talent Online

The challenge for recruiters is determining where your targeted audience hang-out on the social web, once you have done this then you can decide what tools and channels you will use to get your message in front of your audience and keeping them interested in your brand. 

As recruiters today when you think about what we are trying to do it’s about demand generation, we want to be able to reach great candidates and convince them to apply for our jobs.

With Job Boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Applicant Tracking System and our networks etc… it’s not hard to get our jobs in front of candidates which is great news.

The bad news it’s hard to get candidates to engage, in fact in excess of 90% of candidates don’t engage with you when you push out jobs.

Using the social web enables you to better engage with candidates where they are comfortable whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or other communities. As recruiters we need to understand what they are interested in and push out targeted messages, in effect narrowcasting rather than broadcasting.

So how could you do this using LinkedIn or Facebook?

Well thanks for asking, have you used the LinkedIn Ads or Facebook Ads where you can target your audience with relevant messages based on locations, interests, job titles, companies, gender where connected to the job etc…

You can also get brilliant analytics from LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads that show you who is clicking on your Ads and what they are doing.

Insidejob’s Essential Social Media for Recruitment Program developed by Inspecht, and Insidejob familiarises you with the different tools you have available, enabling you to target your audience on the social web.

For more information on this program and othe programs Insidejob run, please click here or contact Insidejob on +61 3 8621 6666. 

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