Martin Warren: Are YOU using Google+ to identify candidates online?

Have you been following all the hype about Google+?

From a sourcing perspective, Google+ has the potential to become a major source of potential candidates. Its growth has been quite staggering, with over 25 million users signing up in less than 30 days. To put this into perspective, it took Facebook over 800 days to get to 10M users and Twitter just under 800 days to get to the same amount. What is also interesting is the fastest growing demographic on Google+: the age group 25 – 34.

So what does this all mean for sourcing critical talent on Google+?

To be honest it’s still early days and dependant on this current growth rate continuing. But what will certainly happen is potential candidates who are on LinkedIn and/or Facebook will also create a profile on Google+. And many of these candidates may choose to relinquish their presence on these other social networks.

To be able to cover the market you need more than a good LinkedIn network. It makes sense to explore Google+ for potential candidates that maybe you can’t access on LinkedIn through your connections. Also remember that the candidates you are finding on LinkedIn are likely the same ones your competitors are: being able to source talent on Google+ will give you that vital competitive edge.

Facebook meanwhile has always had its challenges when it comes to sourcing candidates. Limited search functionality coupled with users’ reluctance to put their professional information on their profile has limited its power as a sourcing channel.

Over the last month I have been looking in detail at Google+ profiles, what potential candidates are sharing, and how we can quickly extract targeted information. So far the results have been very encouraging. If Google+ continues to grow at its current rate, it can potentially be the prime network for targeting potential passive candidates.

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