Have you built a strategic sourcing map before you go to search?

Do you have a visual representation of your targeted market and who are the best candidates “in the market” or at least have a picture where these potential candidates may hangout?

If not then using LinkedIn may work to a point but just think for a moment if you took the time to totally map your market before you started your search.

Developing and executing proactive sourcing capability is at the forefront of recruitment leaders today as its key to organisation sustainability in a talent short market. Being able to identify talent quickly is critical for recruitment teams in supporting hiring manager’s needs and will give your organisation a head start on your competitors.

By applying a strategic approach and building visual market maps will give you:

  • Real-time intelligences of your targeted market that you can perpetually grow 
  • Competitive information for current & future business needs 
  • Confidence you have covered the market and/or identified the gaps 
  • Greater creditability and influence with hiring managers & candidates 
  • A snapshot of what the future may look like

    As part of the LinkedIn training program we will show you how you can build a strategic sourcing mind map that will form the basis for your sourcing strategy and evolve over time as you gain greater insight and awareness of who is “in your market” becoming a strategic resource.

     Insidejob invites you to attend our New LinkedIn training program conducted in a Lab environment that will enhance your

    LinkedIn capability to build, execute your strategic sourcing tactics and engage the best talent.

    View details of our Using LinkedIn as a Strategic Resource Program and reserve your seat NOW!

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