Do you have an anonymous LinkedIn Profile?

If you clicked on and viewed a potential candidates profile on LinkedIn would they know it’s you?

I was recently assisting an organisation in building their sourcing strategy for critical roles across their business. They operate in a very competitive, niche and small industry and something happened to cause me to ponder.

Do you have an anonymous LinkedIn profile?

While working with the recruiters at this organisation we were demonstrating the power of LinkedIn and a targeted network to drive their sourcing strategy for critical role. They were seeking to recruit a key management role and through LinkedIn Advanced Search function identified some potential candidates and started to click on and viewed the profiles.
Something quite amazing happened.

One of the candidates they clicked on notice the recruiter had viewed their profile and promptly sent an email to the recruiter saying “I noticed you have viewed my profile, I’ve always been interested in your company and would welcome the opportunity to discuss opportunities to work for your company”. The outcome, they actually met with this candidate a number of times and hired them into a key management role which was a great success.

This wouldn’t have happened if the recruiter had an anonymous LinkedIn profile.

Many recruiters have anonymous LinkedIn profiles either by choice or maybe don’t realise hence no one will ever know it’s you who clicked on and viewed their profile.

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