Do you have a Compelling, Authentic & Differentiating Company Page on LinkedIn?

Have you set up your Compelling, Authentic and Differentiating Company Page on LinkedIn Yet?

Your company’s profile on LinkedIn is a powerful way to engage millions of potential candidates about your company and what compelling, authentic and differentiating work opportunities you can offer revealing the human side of your company for Free.

So how could you use the Linkedin Company Page functions?

Status Updates (NEW feature) - allows you to post relevant information to the LinkedIn community creating a greater awareness and connect with potential candidates who may be interesting in working for you.

Overview - allows you to introduce your company to potential candidates, it’s a quick summary of your key company information.

Products and Services - allow you to showcase your Products and Services to potential candidates (or clients). Candidates or clients can make recommendations, you can link these to your Website or Careers Site and now You Tube Channel on your company giving potential candidates or clients an authentic look in-side your company.

Analytics - allows you to learn about your company followers whether they are unique visitors, what content they are viewing and companies or industries they are coming from.

Do you know what your competitors are offering?

Maybe you can check out their company pages on LinkedIn to see what is happening and how they differentiate their company from your company.

LinkedIn Company pages are a powerful way to share your company message with potential candidates or monitor what your competitors are doing.

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