Can you search the same data on LinkedIn I can?

Now you can but maybe not tomorrow!

LinkedIn today released a new unified search experience to help people dig faster, deeper, and more intelligently through its growing collection of professional content.

Bradley Mauney product lead for identity products at LinkedIn said "We're bringing all of the goodness on LinkedIn -- people, companies, jobs, and groups -- and putting it all together in one place”.

See LinkedIn's blog about new search interface.

So as a Recruiter on LinkedIn with a free account what impact will this have?

When you execute an Advanced Search on LinkedIn we are all searching the same data whether you have a Free or Talent Finder account.

The different is if you have a Free User vs. a Talent Finder user LinkedIn restrict what data you can see. For example on Free users you can only see First Name and Last Name initial whereas Talent Finder you can see the full name.

But are LinkedIn about to change all this with their New LinkedIn Advanced Search Interface being rolled out as I write this post?

See this screen shot below of the New Advanced Search interface.

It appears on a Free user you will now only see 1st Level Connections, 2nd Level Connections and Group Members and potentially no longer 3rd Level Connections in your search results based on the above screen shot.

I think the key message we need to take from this, LinkedIn will continue to improve the Search functions as this is the bread and butter and where a significant percentage of their revenue comes from with the Talent Finder and LinkedIn Recruiter product but on a Free user they will continue to reduce the functionality to move more users onto paid accounts.

We will just have to wait and see where LinkedIn take this!

In the meantime as Recruiters you need to become the best you can be at how you plan and execute your LinkedIn Advanced searches as only this will differentiate you from your competitors (internal or agency recruiters).

The alternative to this, learn how the drive the LinkedIn Search so you can uncover all the hidden candidates your competitors can’t or won’t! 

Insidejob provide extensive 1 day sourcing workshops in a lab across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia which can assist you become the best you can be when sourcing those hard to find candidates buried in the LinkedIn haystack!.

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