Are YOU using Google+ to identify candidates online?

In the last few months Google+ has certainly gained some traction with now 90 million profiles online and predicted to be 400 million by the end of 2012.

This puts Google in a powerful position (true social search) as they integrate Google+ posts into search results, no wonder Facebook and Twitter are complaining about this.

In fact Google recently announced some new features, the one from a sourcing point of view that got my attention was “Personal Results”.

With Personal Results, Google wants to help users (You!) to search within their friend networks alongside traditional search, allowing you to find and view relevant Google+ posts that are related to trips away, events or major news stories that have brought people together.

All the predictions and focus for 2012 are about Social Recruiting & Engagement, Google by integrating Google+ posts into your search results will now give you potentially lots of additional information about candidate you can engage them on socially.

From a sourcing perspective, Google+ I believe will become a major source of potential candidates and now with Brand Pages allow organisations to engage potential candidate on a social sense.

So what does this all mean for sourcing critical talent on Google+?

To be able to cover the market you need more than a good LinkedIn network. It makes sense to explore Google+ for potential candidates that maybe you can’t access on LinkedIn through your connections. Also remember that the candidates you are finding on LinkedIn are likely the same ones your competitors are: being able to source talent on Google+ will give you that vital competitive edge.

Facebook meanwhile has always had its challenges when it comes to sourcing candidates. Limited search functionality coupled with users’ reluctance to put their professional information on their profile has limited its power as a sourcing channel.

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